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December 18, 2020

Christian Media Network


An Examination of the Patriot leader Alex Jones


Alex Jones is widely heard in radio, and is carried on many stations. His anti New World Order (NWO) rhetoric has drawn significant listener numbers and his fans are fervent about him.

What Jones has done is to spin the Gospel in a way that supports his political activism, drawing unknowledgeable believers into a fervor about the Patriot movement.

He can claim he’s not a prophet, but he repeatedly states how he’s studied the Bible and he knows the truth. He says, “I have really studied this.” In still another quote, he says I have done deep study.” In support of the same point, he also known for the following, when he says “we’ve predicted” these things. At the risk of belaboring the point, we note that, concerning the Mark of the beast, and the cashless society  - he says quote “what I see in the future”

“I think the Mark of the Beast is a fight to be human and not take the actual technology into your brain” – a citation that helps us to perceive the physical nature of what he really believes. He says joining the devil means you join “the false reality” versus being part of the real world and doing the right thing. This is a “works” system which leaves out the Spiritual dimension altogether. Jones goes on to say that most of humanity in the next 50 years is “gonna become robotic and will lose their humanity, but the people that transcend all of this are gonna inherit the kingdom of heaven – so if you resist the pull of technology, and remain human, you’ll inherit the kingdom of heaven.” Unbelievable.

Incredibly, Alex actually said he reads the bible like a science fiction book. This watered down, Other Gospel has made him so popular, that now he can feed his audience spiritual death from people like Steve Quayle, George Noory, Michael Savage, Alan Watt, Charlie Sheen, Rapture cultist Chuck Norris, and even Howard Stern. 

Alex Jones quotes Scripture when it’s convenient, such as Isaiah 59:19, which says When evil comes in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against it, but it’s all brought to bear as a tool to enhance his position as the one fighting for you against the NWO.

On the New World Order, he says “They want to kill and hurt people, they’re operating like gods, they’re gonna merge with machines.”

Jones has quoted Bill Clinton saying he wouldn’t be surprised if aliens don’t arrive soon, inching towards actually confessing his own belief. The Vatican says the same thing – and this is the conventional Nephilim Stratagem which claims that if aliens attacked the earth, it would unify us in a planetary government. In short, this indicates that Alex has fallen for the Nephilim Stratagem, where the doubled deception has us set up to see the Judaeo-Christians to expose the fallen ones as fake UFO’s. 

Alex Jones routinely makes sweeping statements which are entirely contrary to the Bible, such as his statement, “Theres a spiritual rule that they have to tell us what they’re going to do.” This falsehood is found in the book of II Delusions. 

Jones is difficult to pin down on theology, but its evident that his Jewish Supremacist rhetoric leaks out regularly, such as when he says “Globalists have taken over Christianity the last 200 years,” or “Every Christian group being persecuted thinks it’s the end of the world” as part of his shallow anti Rapture rhetoric.

In one presentation, Alex goes into Matthew 24 – citing the No man knows the hour or the day passage concerning Christ’s return, and then he reads it in numerous translations – a solid indicator he is completely ignorant concerning the translation controversy.

Alex calls the Rapture Cult situation religious infighting – but he’s willing to set us all straight with a superficial series of statements such as the recent development of the doctrine. 

Like many patriot figures who do not understand the truth about the Marxist predilection for practicing the Dialectic, Alex blindly continues in the intellectual Witchcraft that has ensnared the world. Applying it to his broadcast against the Rapture Cult, he reduces the truth to “some folks that wanted to attack Christianity” pushed pretrib – a statement that  is patently untrue, as people were deceived then, and they’re deceived now. Jones is widely known for his contempt for the errant doctrinal understanding of believers when he makes ridiculous statements such as “Mainline Christians just go to church to find people to commit adultery with.” 

Regarding the Masons – there is no blanket denunciation, even though he acknowledges the illuminati (who are avowed Satanists) presence within masonry – he says at its base it is Luciferian, “but we don’t want to denounce them as then they might turn us off.” This is a purely Dialectic statement, which results in this priceless bit of illogic: “I’m Not bashing Masonry, but mainline churchgoers are as involved in a Luciferian initiation than even Masons.”

The bias of Alex Jones against Christianity comes through periodically. For example, he says “I’ve Lived in Dallas, I’ve seen it,” as he regurgitates the preachers daughter stereotype – “the issue here is, you got a bunch of hypocrites – they’re telling you that you don’t have to face evil.” This is superficial, and it’s indicative that Alex doesn’t have a clue what the Rapture issue is really all about.

He decries hypocrisy, even as he mocks believers saying the microchip is the mark of the beast, when he himself says calls it being transformed into becoming a cyborg (which is essentially technology merging with humanity) -- the same thing!

Jones claims all the big media in Hollywood is financing this rapture business – and that misperception resulted in the unintelligible conclusion “So Christians are never gonna be able to recognize evil or fight it.”

His twisted views just keep coming: “Muslims think it’s the end of the world too – they’ve got the same manipulation going on, The Christians have been taught it’s the end of the world, the new age crowd same thing, Catholics think it’s the end of the world – the fact is, we are in the last generation, and that’s found in Scripture.”

Jones mocks that worldview, and says you’ll all die thinking it’s God doing it, when it’s the globalists “creating a subconscious, psychological expectation, that most of us aren’t gonna be here soon, because the New World Order is getting ready to kill most of us – a massive full court press against every secular and religious group that it’s a foregone conclusion that you’re gonna die.”

“If they can sell that there’s no hope, you’ll just lay down as they roll out their government system, which itself is a technotronic police state.”

“I’ve read the Bible, can’t tell you how many times groups say the end of the world, or space aliens are gonna land, this is all a psy op” (once again, the Nephilim Stratagem.) “The point is, the globalists are trying to get the Middle East in an uproar, that’s evidenced by Obama’s statements that Israel should revert to the borders it had in 1967.” This runs counter to the conservative wave coming, of which Alex is a part, when Israel expands its borders, as we’ve repeatedly shown.

“Its just meant to get turmoil going, we’ve gotta ask why? It’s all in Genesis, its all in Leviticus, and what the elite doing now is what the Bible says was done before, and they’re trying to play God.”

All of this positions the world for the backlash, when Israel and the false Christian movement in America, takes down its nearest enemies, even as the false prophets like Alex Jones (and those he inadvertently fronts for), will applaud it as real progress against the New World Order agenda when, in fact, the rise of Israel and the supposed defeat of the New World Order and their Nephilim friends, is all a part of the Antichrist end game.  And every single person who does not know the genuine truth of Jesus Christ, is already caught in this massive deception, led by false prophets like Alex Jones.

Christian Media has steadfastly asserted the New Testament Gospel has been progressively leavened, so the body of Christ has now been voluntarily transformed into a Spiritual substitute the Scriptures identify as the Image of the Beast. The Christian church’s role in this wicked agenda, and how the genuine Remnant of Israel is preserved by the LORD, is examined regularly on the James Lloyd radio broadcast The Apocalypse Chronicles, as well as the TV version. Timely installments of the program may be played on demand at CMRI.TV. 

Please join us as we take the offensive, and in exposing the Strong Delusion of our time, our hope is the listener will learn to detect the truth, whenever they hear Another Gospel.


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